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Seeds: Meditations on Grace in a World With Teeth

"Belliveau doesn't' skirt around the edges of the darkness--he looks the pain and fear, and chaos of life in the face and sees grace. He knows how much we need each other and offers hope that we might just find ourselves part of a broken community held in love." -Debbie Blue, author of Sensual Orthodoxy, From Stone to Living Word and Consider the Birds

“Over the last several years I've lamented that my favorite living writers are aging or have recently passed away. Where are the other living titan spiritual writers of this generation? They are few and far between. But when I read through Seeds, I knew I had happened upon one in Gregory Belliveau. His reflections on our vices and on God's grace are crisp, clear, captivating, and dripping with wisdom. They're beautiful, forcing me to reflect deeply on God's ways, on my own, and on where my ways diverge from God's. Belliveau's writing and way remind me of two literary giants: David Foster Wallace and Frederick Buechner. I can't wait to see what else Belliveau has in store for us.” -Marlena Graves, author of A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness

“Belliveau weaves personal stories full of charm, humor, and honesty to engage Scripture and the Christian faith. The result is a collection of essays deeply relevant for our times. Belliveau reminds the people of the gospel why we journey together.” -Dr. TC Ham, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Malone University