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In 1863, the consequences of Doctor Humboldt's failed experiment unitesĀ a violent band of misfit prisoners who must survive the terrifying hell of the Andersonville Prison camp and stop the ancient evil called Blood Clan before Blood Clan can unify and destroy the young divided nation.

What the reviewers are saying about IMAGO


"A compelling, fearsome, imaginative story about finding horror and hope in the ruins of the world."
--Benjamin Percy, author of Suicide Woods, The Dark Net, Red Moon, and Thrill Me.
"Greg Belliveau's story puts him in the company of China Miéville, or the Kazuo Ishiguro of The Unconsoled, of films such as The Matrix and Dark City.  Beyond that, there are tantalizing echoes everywhere of The Divine Comedy. Readers, hang on tight, Greg Belliveau will take you on one hell of a wild ride."  
     - David Long, author of The Falling Boy and The Inhabited World
"IMAGO, by Gregory Belliveau, is a wild, futuristic ride where Christopher Dante must assess friend or foe, life or death and fight or flight at every exciting twist and turn.  The joy of Belliveau's writing is that he creates highly complicated and mystical worlds and populates them with strong, relatable characters.  You will rejoice in their triumphs and cry in their defeats. "IMAGO" is a multi-layered, gripping adventure that will entertain and challenge your sense of what is real and what is imagination." 
- Ty DeMartino
"[A] surreal and propulsive ride."
-Jason Allen, author of The East End
"Belliveau drops the protagonist, Christopher Dante, and the reader into a world where being watched and monitored is not only the status quo, but it's also an accepted part of life. When Dante shares a vision with his uncle, his life is uprooted and sent spiraling out of control. Belliveau's prose is as fast paced as the action itself, and you can't help but get sucked into Dante's world." 
Kase Johnstun, Author of Beyond the Grip of Craniosynostosis (2015 Gold Quill Winner, League of Utah Writers) and Host of the LITerally Podcast.
"IMAGO is Cormac McCarthy meets C.S. Lewis in this search for human identity in a dystopian world. Belliveau's masterful prose blurs the edges between genre and literature while taking the reader on patrol through a landscape of rubble and despair." 
-Derek Wade, author Murder in Marin County


Greg Belliveau's most recent novel is IMAGO (Rogue Phoenix Press, Fall 2019). He is also the author of Seeds: Meditations on Grace in a World with Teeth (CrossLink Publishers, 2017) a collection of Creative nonfiction pieces, and Go Down To Silence (Multnomah: a Division of Random House, 2001). He is a 2008 Christopher Isherwood Grant Recipient, as well as the 2002 Christy Award finalist for Best First Novel Go Down To Silence.

His short stories have appeared in The Atticus Review, The Cleveland Review, Vine Leaves of which his vignette “LG Don’t Want To Fly” was selected for their 2012 Best Of Anthology published by eMergent Publishing.

He teaches Creative Writing in Antioch University’s MA program, and has taught at a The Antioch Writer’s Workshop, Yellow Springs, OH, and is currently teaching at Capital University, Columbus, Ohio.

"I read an early copy of this. We all need to know that grace is alive in a world full of teeth. Broken up into short, poignant reads." (Donna VanLiere, New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author 2017-09-26)

"Seeds" roll out at Gramercy Books, Columbus, OH